Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ok That's IT, I'm Pissed!!! Stop Microsoft Bashing

A CALL TO ARMS TO ALL MicroPhils, Its Payback Time!!!

Ok, This is it, I am declaring war by this. I am sick and tired of everyone trying to convince me how slick and how safe their ware is.

I will not even pretend to be a blogger, so don't take offence if you notice anything unprofessional in this Blog. This is my first blog, and it takes a lot of effort to get to open it, like most of you, 24 hours is not enough to make my day.

But I am passionate about this topic that I have to open my mouth and let everyone know how I feel about this subject. I think most of us have been silent too long.

For the past 5 years I have been noticing increasing offensive on Microsoft and its technology. Given the maturity with which MS deals with issues, I have noticed how it has been silent all this while, while everyone dumps their sh#t on them at Redmond.

If Microsoft will not start an active offensive, I believe those of us that dares to turn our nose on other directions should take the freedom to defend Microsoft's integrity. We need to make our feeling known, why should the minority make the most noise? It is time that MS gets the repect they deserve.

Question then is how do I come to this state of mind? The last straw that broke my camel's back is the report from a security company today on BBC site imploring everyone to move over to Apple's Mac because of security flaws in Microsoft's programs. The company's name is Sophos. You can Read the whole story at the BBC.

I have been noticing these pseudo-intellectuals claiming they have a solution; a panacea that cures all security problems in the digital realm. They claim the solution is Apple's Mac OS, or Linux or what have you. How many times have they not been proved wrong! How many times do they have to be taught that there is nothing like a safe OS? Anything made by man, can be hacked by man.

So what are these professional wise men telling us? That Apple's Mac OS is written on Mars? That Linus OS is written by robots? When are these people going to wake up and embrace the reality? That nothing is safe, nowhere in the digital realm. Has it not been proven that Apple's Tiger is as leaky as any other OS? How many examples of Linux holes do they want to see?
Are these so called security companies not the ones writing the worms and trojans themselves to perpetuate their own business?

Compared to competition, Microsoft is the only company that has most advanced security response program at the moment. The others are still sleeping, in their state of self deception of being the most secured bla bla bla. By the time they wake up, MS will be centuries ahead of them.

Given the current prognosis, Microsoft controls about 90% of the desktops, so it is no wonder that it’s the most attacked. It is a simple economic logic that a hacker will see more returns on his effort writing for MS Platform than writing for competition's platform. What is the point of writing malicious code that will run only on 5% of desktops, what do have to gain from that?

So why do you think Apple is stepping over to the Intel platform? You think they just like the platform? No, it is because they fail sitting on their own island. Majority of the digital juice is running on the Intel platform, so that is why they jumped over. And now that more and more software will be made available to them, we will see how good they really are.

Research has shown that 90% of MS woes is caused by the third party drivers and software.
It doesn't take much effort to have a perfect world when you are the judge and the jury. This is the case in Apple's world. Apple dictates all terms, so they got isolated and almost killed them. So they got lucky with this IPod revolution, and now they think they I should drool over thier product, and pay inflated prices for a piece of technology that has existed while they were still wearing dipers as a company.

So what is this IPod? What is this Video IPod etc etc, Everything an IPod want to be, PocketPC has been it for the past 10 years. Why? I have been watching videos on my PocketPC on the go, while Steve was scratching his head on how to balance his budget 10 years back. I realize there are a lot of people there that are psychologically challenged. They need to wear something in white plastic with a bitten apple logo on it to have self worth. They've got to go where the masses go, even when it is against all logic.

The way some of these people drool on Apple products makes me really sick. Just go listen to Andy on Ken Radio. I wonder if he gets paid for the cheap adverts he makes for Apple. Sorry Ken, I know you guys have to make a living, but I have lost respect for Andy as journalist. Some people have lost all objectivity, and have pretty much made themselves slaves to an idea. They are ready to pay double just to buy a name.

I know this is a long blog, and I salute you if you've taken the courage to read this far. So I will end with this conclusion: It all depends on human, not devices, not software.

No amount of security feature of a device or software will prevent a fool from submitting his credit card number on a phishing site. You cannot mitigate against social engineering. The reason why Trojans are having a field day today, compared to worms and viruses.

People are not yet technically savvy to conduct themselves appropriately online. What do you say against someone writing his password on a yellow note and pasting it on the monitor. You have to educate the people. It has to be a joint effort of all. Let us stop this ridiculous claim that one platform is better than others in terms of security. And if you think your device is sleeker than mine, all the best to you. I refuse to pay more than necessary for the same functionality. I will never buy a Mac laptop for $5000 if I can get one from competition for a third of that price.

I pray that Microsoft competition will become popular quickly so they will also become a viable target for malware writers. Then we will see who laughs last. MS is already lightyears ahead, a lead they will maintain while the competition is still sleeping.

You know what I would say to these Bill Bashers? I’ll say 4KEMALL!!!

Note: I am not a Microsoft employee, neither do I worship Bill Gates, I still swear at MS when my OS freeze up, but I prefer the openness of Microsoft to the closed door policy of its competition. How many Mac clones have you seen lately in the market.


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