Friday, June 08, 2007

OK guys, 'guess we've all had our fun; now to serious business...

What the freaking heck are we going to do about this FUD(fear, uncertainty and doubts) being spread around by Apple and its cohorts about MS, and MS policy of "not commenting on other people's product"?

MS in general (and Vista in particular) is taking an unfair bashing at the moment due to all the lies all over the place, and it is damaging to MS not to comment or mount a counter-offensive.

There is an absolute notion is psychology: "A lie repeated long enough becomes the truth". I see this taking root gradually and working for Apple with the "I'am an Apple; I'm a PC" campagne. A lot of idiots now beleive Apple Mac is better and safer than a PC. From which planet did they all come from, have they never heard of the fact that there exists nothing like an absolute security. Go ask insurance people they'll confirm that to you.

Now because MS is not commenting, a lot of noobs are dumping Vista and going back to XP, even Dell has bought in to this hype.

MS is a giant taking a lot of beating from a lot of Lilliputians and doing nothing about it. In the jungle, it takes a lot of ants to kill a big snake, but kill it they do. MS take a warning from this lesson and wake up from this slumber.


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